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SEMPO Mtl Wrap Up – Here’s What Actually Happened

Well we did it. We navigated through the not-so-obvious topic of native advertising yesterday at #SEMPOMtl. The event was held at Google’s Montreal office and was hosted by yours truly in addition to having a solid lineup of presenters and panelists. To give you an idea of what you missed, let’s recap: AOD’s Co-Founder, Augustin [...]

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Native Ad Narration in Preparation for #SEMPOMtl

AOD will be proudly co-hosting the SEMPO Canada event happening in Montreal this Thursday and focusing on uncovering what native ads mean to marketing professionals. We’re getting the discussion started early here. In essence, native advertising is advertising that integrates itself into the format and nature of the publication it’s presented in. Ads on search [...]

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SO-MO Content Marketing in the Face of Change

This blog was written based on a highly engaging and informative training with G-Shift Labs. Search engine marketers (SEMs) are under enormous pressure to improve their client’s rankings under conditions that appear increasingly poor. Pressure comes from changes to Google and now even Bing search engine algorithms in addition to relying only on the keyword [...]

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SEO Camp Montreal 2013: Highlights and Presentations

After attending SEO Camp Montreal 2013 one thing is clear: the landscape of SEO has changed dramatically in the last 365 days. We’ve seen that what works well today might not work well tomorrow, and what remains key is working within Google’s guidelines. The conference was headlined by some great speakers, some more colourful than [...]

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Building Social Signals and Links with Images

With Panda now fully integrated into the Google algorithm, marketers and webmasters are now facing a New Search Order. Since February of 2011, there’ve been 25 Panda updates, and while it’s still not clear exactly how much weight different search engine ranking factors now carry, a few things seem clear: links from low quality site [...]

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SEO 101 for SMBs: Managing On-Page SEO

Managing On-Page SEO is the first installment of our SEO 101 for SMBs series. The series will discuss several SEO techniques that any bootstrapping entrepreneur can employ to get the most out of Google. Search engine optimization, or SEO, can be difficult to fully understand. Search engine algorithms – how search engines like Google and [...]

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Aligning Social Media with SEO

As a marketing channel, social media gets a lot more attention than other digital channels. After all, it’s sexy, evolves at a fast-pace and is what keeps us connected to so many of our friends, families and colleagues. Social media, however, has limitations as a marketing channel because as much as it allows us to [...]

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Tracking and Measuring Social Media Success

When John Wanamaker said “Half my advertising is wasted, I just don’t know which half,” he could’ve just as easily been talking about social media. Social media offers brands a chance to engage consumers on a level unlike any other medium because it allows consumers to engage brands back. It’s not always easy, however, to [...]

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Are Google’s Search Results Pages Anti-Competitive?

Recently a friend of mine who works with a major airline in Canada asked me to see if I could spot any problems with the website. Their organic SEO traffic had fallen dramatically, even though no major changes had been made to the site. My initial instinct was to look for Panda or Penguin related [...]

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Flawed CNN US Election 2012 Facebook Insights

CNN and Facebook have partnered together to report discussions on Facebook involving the presidential and vice-presidential candidates. The variables have not been released, but they are using Facebook Insights, a simple analytics tool where you can measure the number of Likes, Shares, Virality and ultimately total Reach. Basically, CNN’s Facebook Insights is presenting how many [...]

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