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SEO Camp Montreal 2013: Highlights and Presentations

After attending SEO Camp Montreal 2013 one thing is clear: the landscape of SEO has changed dramatically in the last 365 days. We’ve seen that what works well today might not work well tomorrow, and what remains key is working within Google’s guidelines.

The conference was headlined by some great speakers, some more colourful than others (thanks for the change of pace @digibomb). From outreach and content marketing to universal analytics and the expert panel tackling the “is SEO dead?” question – those of us that had the pleasure of attending SEO Camp Montreal were treated to a glimpse of the important discussions the entire SEO industry is having.

Agustin Vazquez-Levi: How to Evolve When the Future of SEO is Not Provided

@oggy | As Multi-Channel and Custom Data tracking become more important, branding & customer loyalty are increasingly measurable and profitable. How does this affect SEO`s impact in the future from a data perspective?

Agustin Vazquez-Levi

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Presented by Agustín Vazquez-Levi, President of AOD Marketing. This presentation concentrated on the future role of SEO as more channels (social, emails, PPC, media, remarketing…etc.) are becoming increasingly important. Agustin discussed leveraging different channels creatively with SEO by creating user personas specific to keyword intent and seasonality.

Gautier Lemesle: La mesure du trafic organique

@gautierlemesle | Organic traffic metrics (branded vs. non-branded vs. not provided vs. direct trafic), the history of organic traffic metrics, new challenges, and the future.

Gautier Lemesle

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At the start of the presentation, Gautier simplified on-site/off-site SEO and discussed the Client’s perspective. What followed his 101-briefing was the revelation that he believes the “not provided” will affect 100% of the organic search data in Google Analytics by 2016.

Simon Trudeau: Des idées de contenu avec Google Analytics

@SimonPrevails | Getting Content Ideas from Google Analytics –  how to use your site-search and regex in Google Analytics to help gather content creation ideas that will meet the needs of your users.

Simon Trudeau

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Simon started the presentation by explaining that site-search is a great place to start when looking for content creation ideas. This report allows you to see the search terms your visitors are using on your website, and creating content around these search queries is a great way to expand or fill in any gaps in the content. Simon also mentions that using a unique _trackEvent on call-to-actions (like a “chat with sales” button) to track conversions or leads attributed to the new content you’ve created is a great way to gauge if your content is being read. He also mentions having success in distributing surveys to visitors, and asking them about the kind of content they would like to see.

Benoit Piette: SEO et HTML5

@benoitpiette | Improving and implementing structured content on the page in the form of rich snippets helps provide more information to search engines.

Benoit Piette

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Benoit discussed the implementation of Microdata (for HTML5) and RDFa, two of the most popular and important rich snippets on the web today. He offered some basic examples for the implementation of various item scopes and types, and showed us what they look like in search results when implemented. True to form, his entire presentation was in HTML5.

Bruno Hug: Le black, qu’est ce que c’est et quels dangers avec Google aujourd’hui?

@brunohug | Black hat SEO: what it is and what are the present-day risks.

Bruno Hug

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Bruno explained the origins of black-hat techniques and their consequences.  From cloaking and hidden text to unnecessarily large footers riddled with links, Bruno ultimately asks himself whether some of these design techniques will eventually be called out for being against Google guidelines.

David Carle et Dorianne Deshaies: Comment assurer la synergie entre SEO et rédacteur

@DavidMTL & @DoriLaRusee | How to ensure the synergie between SEO and the writer

Dorianne Deshaies

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Whether we like it or not, the Panda and Penguin updates have forced SEOs to adapt to the new reality that there is no quick-fix to SEO, and there are huge risks to finding one. Manipulating and building links and content are punished heavily, and to ensure long-term success it is paramount to create quality content that offers additional value. This presentation focused on creating a beneficial and synergistic relationship between SEO and your content creators.

David Bélanger: Outreach – Choisir les bonnes cibles

@DavidBlg | Outreach: Choosing the right targets

David Bélanger

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Whether you’re looking for increased visibility, and simply looking to build links, understanding what makes a website a good candidate can increase your rate of success. The presentation discussed several basic processes and criteria (authority, engagement, quality, relevance) when prospecting websites.

Lydie Padilla: Du SEO au marketing de contenu, la féminisation des métiers Web

@idylles | SEO & content marketing: the feminisation of internet professions

Lydie Padilla

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The gist of her presentation: “get women on board in your web initiatives = +60% ROI.”

Nicolas Cossette: 5 Steps to Profitable Customer Service

@nicolask7 | Communicating SEO to the Client

Nicolas Cossette

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Nicolas’ “tell a story” approach to customer service (and his presentation) was very interesting. He gave the audience solid tips on how to turn your SEO progress into value-added propositions to get higher-involvement and appreciation from clients.

Brendan Sera-Shriar: SEO is dead. Long Live SEO.

@digibomb | An in-your-face presentation on SEO, the differences between white and black-hat, and a quick word on Social Media

Brendan Sera-Shriar

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The natural-born speaker blew the audience away with his charisma and knack for foul language. His presentation speaks for itself, so check it out!

David Minchala: SEO for local SMBs: it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that ring

@daveminchala | How local businesses can use Google products to increase traffic

David Minchala

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The major takeaway from this presentation was ensuring the constancy of your address and contact information across the web. Setting up and managing Google+ business pages and local maps listings effectively is crucial for SMB success in local search.

Adam Melson: Creating value & wins in Search for 2013

@adammelson | Approaching content marketing and outreach from an honest place

Adam Melson

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Adam gave conference-goers some great takeaways on how to approach outreach and content creation. A major take-away is to reverse-image search your company’s logo to find websites interested in your content, and using the opportunity to build relationships.

Justin Briggs: Full Funnel Content Marketing

@justinrbriggs | Using content to provide value and increase organic traffic, links, and user-retention

Justin Briggs

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Justin taught conference-goers how to capitalize on content creation by using it as a way to promote different versions of the same product across different platforms. Take a look at his interesting (and well designed) presentation.


About the author: Mario Mignacca is an SEO Analyst at AOD Media Group and actively writes about Search for a number of online publications.

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  1. Nicolas June 14, 2013 at 2:54 pm #

    Pretty complete list of the presentation!
    Good job!

    Very useful for someone like me that missed the event because of vacation time :)

    Great to see that event growing!

  2. Adam Melson November 6, 2013 at 5:11 pm #

    Hi Mario – I never got to thank you for the thorough & well photographed writeup for the conference. Looking forward to seeing an even larger turnout next year as it continues to grow!

    • Mario November 6, 2013 at 6:39 pm #

      Glad you enjoyed it. I’ve used reverse image search quite a bit since then. Thanks for the awesome tip and see you next year!

  3. Anna Soseo September 29, 2014 at 10:19 am #

    So nice to see that there is a large SEO community in Québec ! I currently watching all the slides :)

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